The Rewrite

These were my beginning steps, the ones I listed in my post "The Start" on September 16, 2018: 1. Set up a writing blog. 2. Figure out a working title for my upcoming Nanowrimo book. 3. Read three books for research to learn about wilderness survival, animals in the wild, and 19th Century witches. 4. … Continue reading The Rewrite


One Sentence Reviews: My 4th Quarter 2018 Reads

If you want to be a writer, you have to be a reader. Here are the fiction and nonfiction books I’ve read this quarter with one-sentence reviews. Seriously, have you ever tried to keep a book review to one sentence? It’s hard! I also think it’s a good writing exercise in conveying information with brevity, … Continue reading One Sentence Reviews: My 4th Quarter 2018 Reads