December To-Do's for Writers

What can writers do in that awkward, unbalanced writing time between mid December and the New Year? I’ve got 22 fun ideas! Update your email signature to link to your website.Read a book totally outside your genre.Stay up way past your bedtime and observe the winter (for those in the northern hemisphere) starry sky. Often … Continue reading December To-Do's for Writers

DIY Author Photo

Today I’m sharing how I created a new author photo for my website. I hope it’ll help those of you who want to update your own photo. Thanks to the readers who asked me how I went about it. You inspired this blog post. I figure there are four levels of author images on a … Continue reading DIY Author Photo

3 Big Lessons from the Roanoke Author Invasion

I learned three big lessons when I attended the Roanoke Author Invasion book festival earlier this month. (I attended as a reader, sigh, but some day . . . ! ) Lesson Numero Uno Authors are super nice in person and are happy to talk about their books and their writing processes. The authors I … Continue reading 3 Big Lessons from the Roanoke Author Invasion