5 Lessons From My First Year

It’s been a little more than a year since I started this writing blog. Have I learned anything? Yup. Writing a 50k, episodic story is not the same as writing a novel. There are additional things, writerly things, to consider such as character arc and cause-and-effect scene structure and style stuff and grammar thingamabobs. Last … Continue reading 5 Lessons From My First Year

4th Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

It’s October and time to blog my fourth quarter writing goals . . . because nothing says PRESSURE and ACCOUNTABILITY like announcing to God and the whole world what your goals are. But first, what were the wins and losses for my 3rd quarter goals? 1. Finish another draft of of my WIP Manor House … Continue reading 4th Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

How to Find the Typical Word Count for Your Genre

Let’s say I want to write a creature feature novel, because who doesn’t?:-) I dig up a few contemporary comp titles. Reddit is good for stuff like that, but also Goodreads, BookRiot, book blogs, and your own reading. I came up with the following creature features: The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn Overlord by … Continue reading How to Find the Typical Word Count for Your Genre