Research for Nanowrimo 2019

These are the books I am reading in preparation for my National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) project in November. There are three nonfiction books to expand my knowledge base. (“Write what you know.”) And there are three critter-horror novels to help me get a grip on: What techniques do and do not work well when … Continue reading Research for Nanowrimo 2019


3rd Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

I do quarterly goals instead of monthly or yearly goals. Three months is long enough that I can keep an eye on my overall vision, and short enough that I can regularly evaluate and make adjustments when life throws a curveball. The thing about having a blog is you can stick your goals and your … Continue reading 3rd Quarter 2019 Writing Goals

3 Big Lessons from the Roanoke Author Invasion

I learned three big lessons when I attended the Roanoke Author Invasion book festival earlier this month. (I attended as a reader, sigh, but some day . . . ! ) Lesson Numero Uno Authors are super nice in person and are happy to talk about their books and their writing processes. The authors I … Continue reading 3 Big Lessons from the Roanoke Author Invasion

One Sentence Reviews: My 1st Quarter 2019 Reads

Autographed, cool! If you want to be a writer, you have to be a reader. Here are the fiction and nonfiction books I’ve read this quarter with my one-sentence reviews. When the Lights Go Out – Ink Slingers’ Halloween Anthology (2015). In an anthology there’s sure to be at least one author’s voice that doesn’t … Continue reading One Sentence Reviews: My 1st Quarter 2019 Reads